International Naval Contest 2021


Raymond, DK9XR/KK4NBF, will be visiting Hampton Roads from December 7 through December 13. The International Naval Contest (INC) will take place on the weekend of Raymond’s visit. As a member of the German “MF Runde”, N4WIS will be on the air participating in the contest using our MF Runde membership number (1190).

The International Naval Contest (INC) takes place every year on the 2nd December weekend with changing organizers. This year the Marine Funker Club Austria (MFCA) is responsible for the International Naval Contest 2021.

Date:     December 11, 2021 16:00 UTC   to   December 12, 2021 15:59 UTC

Band:       10m – 15m – 20m – 40m – 80m
(Best results will probably be on 20m depending on propagations)

Preferred frequencies:
CW:  3,560 – 7,025 – 14,052 – 21,052 – 28,052  +/- MHz
SSB: 3,625 – 7,060 – 14,335 – 21,225 – 28,320  +/- MHz

Operating modes:  CW – SSB – Mixed

Report information:
1. Naval Club members: RST + CLUB + membership number (eg. “599 CA039”)
2. Non members: RST + serial number (eg. “599 001”)

1. Naval Club Members:       10 points
2. Non members:                      1 point

1. Each station can only be rated once per permitted band, regardless of the operating mode.
2. Each logged member of a Naval Club only counts once as a multiplier, even if was worked on several bands.
3. Participants may only participate with ONE Naval Club membership number.

Total number of points:  Sum of the QSO points times the multipliers.

In the Netherlands near the city of Enschede there is a very good remote SDR receiving station. If you want to listen how your signal will be heard in Europe with waterfall and so on.