Museum Ships On The Air Event


USS Wisconsin To Participate In Museum Ships On The Air Event This weekend.

Saturday June 4th: 0900AM – 4PM (local time)

Sunday June 5th: 12 Noon – 4PM (local time)

This event is sponsored by The Battleship New Jersey Radio Station NJ2BB

The USS Wisconsin is Registered along with 86 other vessels, nation wide as well as some in Europe

There is a certificate available for those stations that work 15 vessels.

For all the details go to

This is a fun event and not a competitive contest.


Use the West Plume garage which is directly in front of the Wisconsin . Bring your parking stubs with you so they can be validated by Nauticus.

We have 3 operating positions, two ICOM 756PRO2’s and the WWII TCS, so everyone should have a chance to put in some air time. If you just want to come down to help out with the visitors that would be appreciated too.  Please let me know if you plan to operate or to help out with the visitors.


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  1. Scott Eisenhart says:

    Frequencies to be used during the event?

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