How to Join

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There are two levels of membership: Full and Associate. Full Members are those who live in the local Hampton Roads area and who are able to attend our monthly meetings, participate in our quarterly operating events, and help in our continuing efforts to improve and maintain our onboard radio shack, restore vintage radio gear, publish historic journals, and create museum exhibits – all geared to educate the public. Associate Members live outside of the local area and contribute toward long-term capital improvements.

Dues for Full Members are $10 annually, payable in January. Full Members also have a “Family” option – two or more in the same family for $15 annually. Associate Members pay just a one-time amount of $20. All Members receive the same certificates and membership cards. Membership documents will be delivered via US Mail in a flat 9×12 kraft paper envelope. Postage is included in the membership fees. Any member may also make an extra monetary donation at any time.

To join, please download our application form. If you left-click on the link below, the form will open in a web browser page. If you right-click on the link, select “Save Target As” (or equivalent) and then save the PDF file to your desktop or download folder. Open the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader by double-clicking on the file name. The form has fields for you to enter your information.

Download Application Form By Clicking Here

Please complete the form, SAVE IT to preserve the data you have entered, and send as a file attachment via email to:

jointheclub at n4wis dot org

(to reduce spamming, we are disguising the actual address)

(please delete spaces and insert the @ symbol and dot . )

We recommend that you change the name of the file to YOURCALLSIGN.PDF. Some users (depending on your software) may have difficulty saving this form because of your OS or web browser security settings. If you are unable to save the file, please just print it, fill out the form manually, and send via snail mail to the address below.

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