A message from Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un (call sign P5A) is the only amateur radio operator in North Korea.  If you hear Kim on the air and are one of the lucky ones to work him, you will earn a prestigious award from the Worked All Central Korea Organization (also known as WACKO).

Great Marshall Kim encourages all comrade “cheeseheads” to participate in the Wisconsin QSO Party during March each year.  In addition, the Supreme Commander’s entire People’s Red Army also commemorates the anniversary of the cessation of the bombardment of North Korea in March 1952 by the USS Wisconsin.  

So come on down to the ship – CW and SSB operators are always needed – for the Wisconsin QSO Party – and to help Kim remember the shelling his grandfather got from BB-64.  As a special prize, the club member who logs the most points gets a free DVD of the Sony motion picture “The Interview.”  Of course, it will be the hacked version, provided courtesy of the Glorious Chairman’s IT Department.  Spoiler Alert!  You will love the ending.  

When asked what he enjoys the most about the Wisconsin QSO Party, the 300-pound Dear Leader is quoted as saying, “Ham and Cheese!  Hey, what’s not to like?”