Modern Radio Central

The photographs shown below are from the modern-day USS Wisconsin’s “Radio Central.”  That is, this is the remaining gear currently found onboard BB-64.  However, all of the “crypto” equipment that had been used to code and decode secure communications has been removed because it is classified.  That is the reason that some of the equipment racks are empty, with cables hanging loose.  This area of the ship is now open to the public.  Because the USS Wisconsin is America’s “last” battleship, this is the most modern equipment to be found onboard any battleship.  This is the gear used during the Persian Gulf War when BB-64 bombarded areas near Kuwait City with her 16” guns and launched cruise missiles against Iraqi forces. 

These photographs were taken by Mr. Bill Mellema, N3WM (a club member and former Navy Radioman), in February 2015 during a special tour of Radio Central provided by Mr. Clayton Allen, Battleship Operations Manager.