Sullivan Journal

The USS Wisconsin Radio Club, Inc. is proud to announce our first publication, now available for purchase.

This publication should be of interest to all active-duty, former, and retired Navy personnel, as well as those fascinated by American military history.  Need a holiday gift for an “Old Salt” in your family?  Here’s a solution!

CPO Charles Joseph Sullivan was Chief Boatswain’s Mate and Master-At-Arms onboard the Battleship USS Wisconsin (BB-64) for the duration of the ship’s involvement in World War II. He kept a meticulous daily journal of all of the onboard activities that he observed. This book contains a transcript of his entire journal with key events annotated, including photographs from his personal collection. His journal starts when the Wisconsin departed the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. After transiting the Panama Canal, the Wisconsin steamed to Pearl Harbor and beyond into some of the most important naval engagements of the war. CPO Sullivan saw his ship attacked by Japanese aircraft, including Kamikazes. The Wisconsin bombarded Formosa, Luzon, Okinawa, and the Japanese mainland. Sullivan was there the whole time – 105,831 miles worth and 1,562 sixteen-inch shells fired – from the day the Wisconsin was commissioned until the day she dropped anchor in Tokyo Bay at war’s end.  It’s documented here, in his own words.

The book is 236 pages, softbound, 8-1/”2 by 11” format.  Excerpts may be viewed by downloading this PDF file – CLICK HERE (3.2 megs).

The book may be purchased in five ways:

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