Ships Clock

Thanks to a generous donation by Stuart Hansen, W6MG of Palo Alto, CA., the WWII vintage radio shack now has a Navy Deck Clock/with wind up key dated 1943. The clock was manufactured by Chelsea Clock Company of Boston which was founded in 1897. History of the company can be found here. The clock was installed in our WWII compartment by club members Rick Current AE4IX & Marty Harpen KK4RF.

The club also has a second Chelsea deck clock of the same model. It is not in working condition (it requires a new main spring). It will be installed in the modern radio operating space as a static display. It was donated by Brian Harrison, KN4R of Sherrills Ford, NC. The clock had a damaged faceplate and Brian sent a spare faceplate for a replacement. Club member Rick Current AE4IX replaced the faceplate. Unfortunately the key winding shaft, which is part of the main spring is rounded off.